The Basic Brief - Adult Training Pants

MODELBasic Brief
TabsStretchy Lycra
AbsorbencyMicrofiber, 2 Layers
CapacityS 200 ml | M 250 ml | L 280 ml | XL 340 ML
Leg BindingSmooth fold-over elastic
Waistband Boxer Style Elastic
Compatible with insertsStep-up inserts, Soaker Bombs
Basic adult cloth diaper - pull-on style
man in adult diaper
man in adult diaper
adult diapers for men
adult diaper
adult diaper for incontinence
Adult Training Pants - Basic Diaper
Adult training pants for incontinence
Adult Training Pants - Basic Diaper
waterproof incontinence Adult Training Pants - for  for women and men, cloth diapers
Adult Training Pants - The Basic Brief
Adult Training Pants - The Basic Brief
Adult Training Pants - The Basic Brief

Adult Training Pants - The Basic Brief



Looking for an adult diaper, or reusable training pants? You might have just found the jackpot! We make waterproof incontinence pants designed to look like cloth underwear, but function better than disposable diapers. These are fully functional, taken from child diapering systems and made bigger for adults. They are tried and tested true. Our reusable pair of adult training pants works like an adult cloth diaper that can tackle any challenge!


  • Built in absorbency
  • Stretchy side tabs for easy up and down
  • Waterproof
  • Soft materials for sensitive skin
  • Discreet shipping!


What Are Adult Training Pants?

Simply put, adult training pants catch accidents. They are typically lightly padded and waterproof. They are for "just in case." 

These are technically a reusable adult cloth diaper, but they are so much more! The Basic Brief was designed to look like regular underwear, but offer that incognito secret component of absorbency and waterproofing. Clever, huh??  They are world-class waterproof incontinence underwear. Reusable, washable, and perfect for daytime incontinence. 


Just Your Average Everyday Undies!

Maybe from anyone else's perspective! If these Undies peek out, they look JUST LIKE underwear!

Sometimes You Just Need A Hug

Stretchy side tabs hug you perfectly, while maintaining a trim profile under clothes.

Although the image here shows you the side tabs of our Protective Briefs with snaps, the stretchy lycra is the same as on the Basic Briefs.

So Soft...

So smooth...

Ahhhh... I needed that hug...

Discounts Available :)

If you're looking for more than one, our 5 pack is an incredible value, and can save you over $100!

Get 5 Basic Briefs ($275 Value)

5 Soaker Bombs (75 Value) 

For a Total Value of $350 > For Just $224

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 Model Basic Brief
Style Pull up and down
Use Case Daytime Diapering, Swim Diaper, Waterproof Underwear
Tabs Stretchy Lycra
Absorbency Two layers built in microfiber
Capacity S 200ml | M 250 ml | L 280 ml | XL 340 ml
Waistband Boxer Style Elastic
Compatible with Inserts Step-up Insert, Soaker Bombs, Flexible Absorbency Set
Materials Outer Shell: 100% Polyester fused with PUL
Inner Liner: 100% Polyester
Built in Absorbency: 100% Polyester


Why Would I Want A Basic Brief When The Protective Briefs Seem Better?

  We gathered over 200 responses from a survey put out to adult cloth diaper users, and took the most desirable features that consistently rose to the top in order to design the Protective Brief.
-Heavily Leakproof
-Excellent absorbency with the ability to customize it
-A product that can work for both day and night time. -Thorough cleaning and fast dry time

We definitely nailed it, but some folks just don't need so many bells and whistles. For those who want a simpler version of a cloth diaper, we have the Basic Brief. People use their Basic Brief in a variety of ways, such as...

For mild or occasional incontinence, as a swim diaper, as training pants, as a sweat barrier, as a pull-on style cover over a disposable (great for long travel or plane rides.)

What's included your purchase? 

A Pair of Waterproof Briefs

 It can be used as a light weight pull-on cloth diaper, or as a cover when you do not have any inserts snapped in.

It can be used as training pants when only 1 insert is used, as a diaper when two inserts are used, and as a very heavy duty nighttime diaper when you use two or more inserts.  

A Laundry Garment Bag

Keep your super nice cloth sparkly clean! Our laundry garment bags are generously sized and will protect your cloth diapers from any nefarious hoodlums hanging out in your washing machine. 


5 Pack Basic Briefs - Save over $100!

Get 5 Basic Briefs ($275 Value)

5 Soaker Bombs (75 Value) 

For a Total Value of $350 > For Just $224

 Check Them Out Here! 



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Perfect for Trim Daytime Incontinence

The Basic Brief can also be used as a sweat barrier in hot situations, sparing you from the embarrassment of a wet spot on your pants


Just Your Average Everyday Undies

From anyone elses perspective :)
If these Undies peak out, they look just like regular underwear 

Stuff 'em How You Need 'em

Comes with two layers of trim absorbency, but more can be easily added with our inserts 

Hug Me, Baby!

Stretchy side tabs hug you perfectly, while maintaining a trim profile under clothes. 


No Problem :)

These are the simplest, easy-to-use light weight protection you can find. 

Nailed it!

Excellent As A Swim Diaper

Trim, lightly padded and waterproof. This brief checks all the boxes

I'm so thankful I found something so normal and simple. I love my Basic Briefs. I'm a customer for life. 


They are so comfortable I can't get out of them! I wear them everyday just in case. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tylor Moore

These are so perfect for me. I can't get home from work with traffic on the freeway, but now I'm good. I can wear my Basics all day, head home and change when I get there.  

Jake Landen

No one can tell that I have a problem, not even my mama! The Basic Brief has helped me normalize my situation without making me feel like I'm in a diaper. I'm a contractor, and now I don't have to worry about bending over. 

Anthony Svietek

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