Adult Diaper; White - Size L Protective Brief Set


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Threaded Armor's adult diapers were created to handle any challenge, and help normalize your life.

Our adult diapers work - day or night!

Will they come with absorbency? YES!

Do they have waterproof gussets? YES!

Can you use the same adult diaper more than once in a day? You can with ours.

We get it. Incontinence leads to challenges you never though you would have to face.  We surveyed over 200 people and combined what folks within continence needed the most in an adult diaper. Gussets, soaking power, comfort, the ability to use them overnight, a trim daytime option. All these features have been built into our Protective Briefs, which is our (better) version of an adult diaper.

So why not go for a reusable adult diaper? You are in this for the long haul, so why waste money and fill the landfills?  Protective Briefs are designed to NOT look like a diaper, but to function better than any disposable you've ever tried. They are world-class waterproof incontinence underwear with flexible absorbency! Even their pull-on nature lends dignity back to the user. Their cool colors separate you further from "medical white." And they are reusable, washable, and waterproof - making them perfect for daytime incontinence or nighttime bedwetting. Want to see how they work? Check this out for all the details!

Protective Briefs work for men and woman. At night and if necessary, feel free to fold aSoaker Bomb in half and place it in front, where more absorbency will be required.

Can I buy the Diaper Pad Sets separately? YES!

Can I use TWO Diaper Pad Sets in diaper? Probably!

Can I just use the adult diaper as a cover, with no liner or absorbency? YES! and you can do even more than that.

Will these ship discreetly? Of Course :)

Do you make other colors and patterns? YES!

If you still have questions, please book an appointment with a our friendly staff :)

If you are looking for discounts, you can always buy a package deal, or grab a coupon :)

Another way our clients save money and build a stash is to subscribe to our monthly box. This gives you one adult diaper per month, allowing you to completely ditch disposables and transition to cloth in bite-sized chunks.

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