The Basic Brief - Simple Adult Cloth Diapering Monthly Subscription


 Waterproof Absorbent Underwear for Adults

Our pull-on style waterproof underwear for adults was developed to safely handle day-time urinary incontinence.


  • Waterproof body
  • Build in two-layers of microfiber absorbency
  • Internal pocket to boost absorbency with Step-up Inserts
  • Comfy stretchy poly-lycra tabs hug the hips for a great fit
  • Trim low-profile under clothing. Usable under standard pants.
  • Similar absorbency to Depends Fit Flex Underwear, but ours will allow you a higher absorbency level with the use of a step-up insert.

Adult incontinence can be a financial burden, as well as a difficult issue to cope with. Threaded Armor makes adult cloth diapers, based on child diapers that are proven to work, but in larger sizes. These items are designed for daytime and nighttime incontinence for adults and kids with special needs. Save money with easy to wash, reusable adult cloth diaper options over costly disposable adult diapers.

More to consider when using waterproof underwear for adult diapering 

  • These adult diapers have no opening. They are a pull-on style diaper. No openings means no compromised seams to leak through.
  • Full coverage back – More room in the back means more space to absorb, and more waterproofing to hold it all in.
  • Built-in pocket inside for you to add more absorbency as needed. You can use our adult cloth diaper inserts, but you can also use a rag or hand towel!


With this monthly subscription, each month you will receive a pair of Basic Protective Briefs as designated below:

January - Navy

February - Tux

March - Sangria

April - Peacock

May - Dove

June - White

July - Lime

August - Navy

September - Tux

October - Garnet

November - Spirit

December - Dove

Monthly Color Schedule