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Practical Adult Cloth Diaper Use

adult cloth diaper help

When you have incontinence finding something that works is a struggle

When you have incontinence finding something that works is a struggle.

I've had incontinence as long as I can remember. When I was a kid it was not managed except to change soiled clothes. Wearing a diaper was something only babies did.

When I became an adult I decided to do something about my incontinence. I got over my shame of having to use diapers. I started with a disposable pull-on diaper. The ones provided by my insurance company were not designed for my body type and often leaked because they were too big and did not offer proper leg guards and absorbency.

In the search for a better product, I happened to stumble across Super Undies.

I love they have adjustable absorption capabilities for either daytime or nighttime use. The fleece lining around the legs reduces the chance of leaks.

Ironically I use the nighttime undies most often during the day at home for mild daytime protection. The protective briefs are used at night and long times away from home because they offer gussets to contain leaks.

The protective briefs offer an underwear style waistband so if they ride up nobody will think you're wearing a diaper. I'm so thankful I have found super undies. They offer the protection I need while maintaining privacy and dignity.

Sent in 2/07/2021

-LD  Minneapolis Minnesota

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You are not alone!


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