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Lounge Brief Packs

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  • 100% 70 Denier polyester laminate
  • 100% Polyester microfiber for absorbency

Pick your pack!

3 Pairs of Lounge Briefs and 3 FREE Soaker Bombs, or 5 pairs of Lounge Briefs and 5 Free Soaker Bombs to with them! You will now have the power of ultimate customizable absorbency, great for daytime, heavy protection for nighttime, and even swim diaper capabilities!

The Variety Pack - Will be filled with colors/prints that we have in stock in the color options seen on this listing. 

Being flexible on colors allows us to reduce the price while providing you with the quickest, snappiest shopping experience possible. Images shown are possibilities of colors and prints you may or may not receive. Feel free to leave a comment in the notes section of your top choices and we will attempt to accommodate your requested choices first.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Jeff Lersch
Outstanding All-in-one diaper

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Threaded Armor lounge brief. It has good absorbency and is not prone to leaks like all the other all-in-one diapers I’ve tried.

Matt Wills
Amazing product!

This is quite possibly the most comfortable product I have ever ever worn. It fits very well, really snug - I'm a little afraid that it'll shrink when I wash it, there doesn't seem to be much wiggle room. At the same time, I am impressed on how much wiggling this can take. Bending, walking, reaching - it stays in place and doesn't sag or fall much. I am impressed by the super tall gussets and leak barriers in the front and back - far superior to any other cloth or disposable product on the market. Putting it on for the first time ever, I immediately knew I would be buying more. Threaded Armor is an appropriate name, but they really do feel like super undies in a way, because you feel like you have the super power to do anything with them, unlike other products where I have to worry about leaks. Thank you so much!

Great protection and comfortable!

They fit very comfortably, and true to size. They hold quite a bit on their own, and I'm very excited to try the optional inserts!! They don't leak at all, even when you are active or moving around. Washing is easy peasy, and they don't give off odor either. Overall they are much more comfortable than disposable diapers. And they are just stinkin' cute!!!

Love my “Threads” for confort

First, I’m ABDL, I’ve been ABDL all my life.

I’ve had my briefs since a few years now; what a great discovery and a great product.

While I know and tried it, I don’t wet them. I only use them as night briefs, underneath my boxer for bed time.

They are so comfy and soothing. I love them, and I think my wife too🙃

Nick e
good product

fits well good product