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What We Believe

We believe in world-class products that help normalize life; Not change it necessarily, but bring it back to a state of manageability. 

For folks who are handling incontinence, either through bedwetting, special situations, medical issues, or geriatrics, we bring solutions in a practical way.

We believe that you shouldn't be trapped in the never ending cost of disposables. If diapers are a way of life, then we need to bring confidence that allows a person to feel comfortable that cloth can work through strong, well thought-out products. 

We believe in the planet. You live here, it gives you everything you've got. You should treat it well. By providing high quality reusable alternatives to disposables, we are doing our part.  

Tangential Focus (corporation for Threaded Armor and Super Undies) lives by a few rules. We follow these rules in our development, customer service, production, suppliers, and merchants we deal with. We believe in relationships, so we are being transparent and sharing with you the laws we live by. 

1. Give to Give 

We expect nothing in return. We perform random acts of kindness, even sending out free product just for the fun of it. We also give 10% of our gross to various charities that are close to Laura's heart. This is called "tithing." 

2. Appreciate Others

We are all in this together. You never know what it's like to walk a mile in another man's shoes.  

3. No Jerks Allowed

We don't work with mean people. Not suppliers or vendors, and not customers. We are transparent and honest with people, and we work hard and treat others with respect. Life's too short and too precious to clutter it up with bad behavior. 

4. Spend only when necessary

We don't spend frivolously, so we don't pass on frivolous up-charges to our customers. We keep life simple, even though our product is complex. We don't spend if it is unnecessary, but we do spend if it makes things better. See rule 5. 

5. Better is always better

This is how we ended up at a world-class incontinence solution. We listened to all the features that were *musts* and all the benefits people wished they had in order to handle incontinence like a boss, then we delivered. Gussets? Custom absorbency? Discrete appearance? Yes, because better is always better.

6. Clean up the BS

This rule helps us simplify life and identify pain points, so we can be free to help and serve our customers. It often comes up in our product discussions, and guides our limits on prints, sizing, and discontinued items.