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Four Cloth Diaper Styles

adult cloth diaper
adult diaper
adult diaper
adult diapers and covers
Basic Briefs Lounge Brief Adult Diaper Protective Brief Adult Diaper Protective Briefs with Snaps
Style Pull on and off Pull on and off Pull on and off Pull on and off, or Snap off
Use Daytime, Swim Diaper Daytime, Nighttime Daytime, Nighttime and Swim Diaper Daytime Swim Diaper, Cover, Nighttime with Insert
Absorbency; Small 200 ml 410 ml 520 ml
520 ml
Absorbency; Medium 250 ml
500 ml
630 ml 630 ml
Absorbency; Large 280 ml
570 ml
710  ml 710 ml
Absorbency; XL 340 ml
680 ml
850 ml 850 ml
Price $54.95 $64.95 $64.95 $67.95
3 Pack Price $164 $194 $194 $199
5 Pack Price $274 $299 $299 $317
Boxer Style Waist Yes X Yes Yes
Microfiber Absorbency Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Step-up Inserts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Soaker Bombs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Gussets X Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Tabs X Yes Yes X
Fleece Legs X Yes Yes X

adult diaper liners and pads
adult diaper pad
adult diaper pad
adult cloth diaper pads
Step Up Insert Soaker Bomb Bomb XL Diaper Pad Set
Style Lay in
Lay in
Lay in
Lay in or snap in
Layers of Microfiber 2 3 2 5
Absorbency 210 ml 220 ml 220 ml
520 ml+
Price $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $24.95
Can sit against skin
X X Yes