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Adult Training Pants - Basic Diaper
Adult Training Pants - Basic Diaper
Adult training pants for incontinence
Adult training pants that can be a swim diaper for adults and incontinence in the water
Adult Training Pants - Basic Diaper
waterproof Adult Training Pants incontinence underwear for women
waterproof incontinence Adult Training Pants - for  for women and men, cloth diapers
Adult Training Pants - The Basic Brief

Adult Training Pants - The Basic Brief

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light grey Adult cloth diapers
light grey Adult cloth diapers
Adult cloth diaper; black
Adult cloth diaper; white
Adult cloth diaper; navy
Adult cloth diaper; roses
Adult cloth diaper; how its made
how our Adult cloth diapers work
green adult cloth diapers
cost comparison for Adult cloth diapers
denim looking adult cloth diapering system
Protective Briefs - Reusable Adult Diaper

Protective Briefs - Reusable Adult Diaper


Reusable Adult Diapers

This is a reusable adult cloth diaper/underwear that can tackle any challenge, and help normalize your life.

Can these work through the day and night? YES!

Can I reuse a Protective Brief throughout the day? YES!

If you want comfort and confidence, and you won’t stand for anything less, allow us to introduce Threaded Armor’s Protective Briefs. The newest, most innovative adult cloth diaper that helps incontinent individuals all over the world!

These are technically a reusable adult cloth diaper, but they are so much more! Protective Briefs are designed to NOT look like a diaper, but to function better than any disposable you've ever tried. They are world-class waterproof incontinence underwear with flexible absorbency! Reusable, washable, and perfect for daytime incontinence or nighttime bedwetting. Want to see how they work? Check this out for all the details!

Protective Briefs work for men and woman.  At night and if necessary, feel free to fold a Soaker Bomb in half and place it in front, where more absorbency will be required.

Can I just use the brief, with no liner or absorbency? YES! and you can do even more than that!

Will these ship discreetly? Of Course :)

Do you make other colors and patterns? YES!

If you are looking for discounts, you can always buy a package deal, or grab a coupon :) 

Another way our clients save money and build a stash is to subscribe to our monthly box. This gives you a diaper per month, allowing you to completely ditch disposables and transition to cloth diapers in bite-sized chunks.

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Adult diaper covers, liners included
Adult diaper covers, liners included
Adult diaper covers, black
Adult diaper covers with replaceable padding
Adult diaper covers with snaps and liner
Adult diaper covers for over disposable diapers or to use with prefolds
Protective Briefs with Snaps

Protective Briefs with Snaps


Perfect as a diaper, or an adult diaper cover

The most common feedback I hear from callers is that our incontinence underwear are head-over-heels more comfortable than disposable diapers. It starts with the soft leg elastic. Disposables are known for their scratchy legs. These adult diaper covers with snap-in liners  are like a breath of fresh air, comparatively! Wrapping around the hips is our soft and stretchy tabs. These tabs hug and hold the body in a lightweight comfortable way, providing a great fit and full range of motion.

The absorbent liner snaps into place, or leave it out to use this diaper as an adult diaper cover. You can switch out the liners throughout the day, reusing the diaper shell until you are no longer comfortable doing so.

Included in your purchase is the adult diaper cover, the snap in liner, and an additional liner to boost absorbency further. Use the snap in liner for the trimmest look, and light to moderate incontinence. Add the additional step-up liner to boost the absorbency and step it up to handle nighttime.

Functions Of Our Adult Diaper Covers and Liners

The entire wetzone of our Protective Brief Incontinence Underwear is made from local waterproof laminate that is safe for sensitive users. No latex, rubber or vinyl is used in the making of these underwear.

Waterproof gussets fully line each side of the diaper, redirecting wetness towards the absorbent core. Additional gussets that line the back and front edge of the underwear offer leak protection when sleeping, making this diaper a great overnight option. 

Bowel Incontinence Friendly

Safe plastic heat-safe snaps create the best way to quickly and cleanly remove used adult diapers. Coupled with a spray-pal outfitted in your bathroom, you can swiftly care for your cloth. 

Adult Diaper Cover's Features

  • Fully waterproof wetzone
  • Front snaps for quick and easy access
  • Waterproof gussets that lock around legs
  • Waterproof back and belly gussets for horizontal protection
  • Flexible Absorbency incontinence pad included
  • Low profile trim waist and leg elastic
  • Protective Briefs with Snaps are hand crafted in the Untied States with fabrics milled in America

Looking for something similar in a sleek pull-on style? Get the most underwear-like look for your cloth diaper with our Protective Briefs. 

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