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Incontinence Lifestyle Hacks


Most men carry a backpack to keep their incontinence supplies in. Even when not using cloth diapers there can still be some supplies you want to have with you when out and about. Switching your backpack to a stylish messenger bag makes you look and feel like a true CEO! Styles and sizes are all over the board. Get one that screams "YOU!" Make sure the bag is large enough to hold a few extra items as well. Take your travel kit to the store in a line ziplock bag, a wet bag, or a shave kit bag to help you gauge the size you need. 


Ziplock Bags are a wonderful invention.

They keep your food fresh, hold back random tiny things in a single swoop,and even tidy up a used pair of briefs and insert for future laundering. They seal in any smell, hold back any liquid, and make life easier. 
If only all our problems could be solved by ziplock . Someone needs to write in and give them a list! 


Traveling with incontinence, short or long distances, can have its challenges. Keep a packed travel car kit in your vehicle in case of emergency. I personally fancy a hard cased, tool box-like kit, mainly for discretion. A backpack or small suitcase would work fine as well! Think about what you may need, and what could go wrong on the road to determine its contents. Here are a few great suggestions...

• Box of Ziplocks (so if one gets used you don’t have to worry about replacing it)
• Roll of Paper Towels
• Extra Pair of Pants
• Pack of wet wipes
• Odor Eliminator for folks with IBS or Crohn’s Disease


Suffering from IBS or Crohn’s Disease can leave a person struggling with minor fecal leakage, with flare-ups causing full blown bowel incontinence. These diaper liners come on a roll resembling toilet paper. A liner sits between the user and the diaper. Wetness easily passes through but blocks solids from saturating the diaper. The liner can be thrown away or flushed for easy disposal, making personal clean up a breeze. Now folks suffering with incontinence can safely and comfortably feel free to try cloth!


Want to save electrical costs on drying diapers, and dry them faster? This tried and proven trick can dramatically reduce the time it takes to dry a full load of diapers.

Place a dry, fluffy bath towel in your load with wet items. The towel will absorb some of the moisture from the diapers and spread it out, while drying the newly moist towel at the same time. To make this truly effective, you should remove the towel after the first 20 minutes of drying time. You can also separate your shells from absorbent inners, for more effective drying. Dry the shells for 10 minutes, then remove them to air dry the last bit.Then dry your absorbency inserts. By removing the waterproof shells from the load, you are allowing air to circulate more effectively through the inserts and, and that will dry your cloth faster while prolonging the life of your shells.


You’re going to love them. Wool Dryer Balls can be considered a laundry hack, sure, but in the world of incontinence you’ve got a pretty good diaper hack here as well! Wool Dryer Balls work by separating laundry in the dryer so that hot air can circulate more evenly and efficiently. When you are drying cloth diapering products, especially made with microfiber, you shouldn’t use dryer sheets. The fabric softener goodness on dryer sheets rubs off onto the cloth (which deposits that oh-so-fresh smell) but also causes build up of waxy residue that can lead to your microfiber becoming less or absorbent, or worse... repelling liquid altogether.
Hello Dryer Balls.Wool is anti-microbial, fluffs laundry naturally, and even speeds up dry time. Just toss them into your dryer with a load of briefs and inserts, and you’ll have fluffy fresh goodness in no time.


The Most Embarrassing Thing About incontinence is When Others Know About It

Odor Eliminator is made with Colloidal Gold. That’s the tough guy in the chemical world that binds with odors, puts them in a headlock and takes ’em down! You won’t believe how powerful this stuff is! We use more Colloidal Gold than any other manufacturer of similar products because WE know how much this topic matters.

Our bottle is not labeled, perfectly discreet, and ideally sized to be long-lasting, while still being small enough to travel with.

See Item

Out The

This is a true diaper hack that can be used for cloth or disposable diaper users. The benefits of having a separate absorbency system not built into the body of your briefs is that you can often just swap out one insert for another! This gives you a whole second useable period without change the Briefs. Putting the Diaper Pad Set into a disposable diaper gives the same effect. Simply change the insert out and place it in a waterproof bag, then replace the insert if you are using Protective Briefs, or you can choose to not replace it if you are using a disposable diaper. Either way, you are saving yourself money by lengthening the use time of your disposable diaper or Protective Briefs. 


Swim diapers. The ultimate conundrum that can halt many of us from participating in water therapy, or simply enjoying some of the most pleasurable, relaxing aspects of life. This hack is really just for cloth users, but did you know that a cloth diaper with limited to no insert system IS technically a swim diaper? Your Protective Briefs can pull double duty and free you up to jump in the hot tub! This hack really works best with diapering underwear that have gussets, so while the Protective Briefs fit this bill, not all cloth diapers fall under this hack.


Are you worried that attempting to use cloth could cause miserable outcomes leading to staining? Well, we’ve got the best, and cheapest solution... Sunlight! Hanging them out to dry in the sun not only fades stains to nothing, but it also disinfects them using the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared light. Just remember that a few hours will do it. Don’t feel like hanging them? No problem. In urban settings, it can be quite impractical to hang clothes, especially the sensitive ones. Laying items out flat in full sun gets the same effect, without waving your diapers around like a flag! If you are using Threaded Armor’s Protective Briefs, you will only need to lay out the insert anyway, which is much more discreet and takes up less space since only need to lay out the insert anyway.

Hang It,

Threaded Armor cloth diapering products will easily last a few years of use, but did you know that these mighty money savers could last up to three years of regular use? Many factors contribute to how long your diapers will last, but hang drying can be a big player in that game. If you have an older model, or less expensive model dryer, it is relying on high heat to get your clothing dry. Higher end or newer models use more air circulation with lighter heat to accomplish the same thing. Using high heat takes a toll on your clothes, and cloth diapers are no exception. Hang drying the shells of Threaded Armor wont take long since there is no absorbency in them, and will expand the life of the waterproofing greatly.


Diaper Discs are made from baking soda and can be used for deodorizing... ANYTHING. Their original intent was to help a diaper pail from smelling bad. They work for disposable diaper pails or cloth pails, but did you know you can use them directly in your diaper, and as a pail freshener? 

Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 40 drops of your favorite essential oil. Add water little by little until you create a paste – don’t add too much water! Once it’s mixed well, put the mixture in a silicone mold so it is no more than 5 millimeters high. Wait 24-48 hours until it’s completely dry. Take it out of the mold and store in an airtight jar. Place this disc in between your cloth insert layers (for cloth protective brief use.)

For diaper pail use: Follow the recipe above and press into a silicone mold until it reaches the top. Wait 24-48 hours until it’s completely dry. Take out of the mold and place one at the bottom at your pail.These discs completely dissolve in the washing machine, and are cloth diaper friendly!