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Protective Brief Packs

$19400 $23982
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  • 100% 70 Denier polyester laminate
  • 100% Polyester microfiber for absorbency

Pick Your Pack!

3 Pairs of Protective Briefs and 3 FREE Soaker Bombs, or 5 pairs of Protective Briefs and 5 Free Soaker Bombs to with themYou will now have the power of ultimate customizable absorbency, great for daytime, heavy protection for nighttime, and even swim diaper capabilities! 

 The Variety Pack - Will be filled with colors/prints that we have in stock in the color options seen on this listing, except Pink Raspberry Truffle.

This is the best way to really ditch disposables and get on a consistent cloth diapering system.  This package deal works out to be just 16 cents a day over 3 years! Even if you only use them for one year (they will last way longer than that) than it's only $0.50 a day, a savings of over $1000 in one year!

We will curate color combinations for you based on your selections and in-stock product, guaranteeing you the fastest ship time.

Being flexible on colors allows us to reduce the price while providing you with the quickest, snappiest shopping experience possible. Images shown are possibilities of colors and prints you may or may not receive. Feel free to leave a comment in the notes section of your top choices and we will attempt to accommodate your request. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 225 reviews
Jerry Lee

Comfortable and discreet. I honestly forget that I am wearing a diaper throughout the day. Easy to laundry. I would buy again.

Great option for amazing protection

I use protective briefs for Ulcerative Colitis. They are discrete and over time, much cheaper than disposables. I was worried at first on the washing and cleaning process, but it is simple and goes in the wash with my other clothes. This condition is tough to live with, but Threaded Armor gives me some of my freedom back. I do not like the plain white brief, it looks too much like a diaper to me. Other colors have been great! Thank you!

Fran A
Your protective briefs are the best

After trying various nighttime diapers and pull-ups, as well as other cloth diapers, yours are the only ones I trust to hold all I have and not leak.(besides a full on prefold diaper that is a pain to put on and wear) I will be ordering your 3 pack very soon and discontinuing my subscription for disposables.

John Kwiatkoske
Very comfortable

I'm heavy wetter I had to add a lot of inserts and it was still comfortable

John Kwiatkoske
Very comfortable

I'm heavy wetter I had to add a lot of inserts and it was still comfortable