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Protective Briefs with Snaps


49 reviews

Do these come with the liners?


  • Protective Brief Adult Diapers include 2 liners
  • Lounge Brief Adult Diapers include 2 sewn-in liners
  • Basic Brief Adult Diapers include 1 sewing in liner
  • Protective Brief Adult Diapers with Snaps include 2 liners

Outer Shell: 100% laminated polyester (PUL)

Tabs: 100% laminated polyester (PUL) and 100% antipill fleece

Absorbency: 100% microfiber spun polyester

Introducing our upgraded Protective Brief with Snaps! Say goodbye to stretchy side tabs and welcome the innovation of waterproof side tabs that redefine the standards of incontinence underwear.

Quick On and Off with Snaps!

Experience a new level of comfort as our incontinence underwear surpass disposable diapers in every aspect. The journey begins with the soft leg elastic, providing a gentle touch unlike the scratchy legs associated with disposables. Our Protective Briefs with snaps offer a lightweight and comfortable fit. 

Waterproof Tabs wrap around your hips hugging your body in a comfortable yet secure manner, while providing you with extra protective for nighttime diapering or heavy duty use. 

Complete Package Your purchase includes the Protective Brief with Snaps Brief, a snap-in liner for a trim look and light to moderate incontinence, and an additional liner for added absorbency, perfect for nighttime use.

Advanced Features:

  • Entire wet zone made from local waterproof laminate
  • Waterproof gussets lining each side, redirecting wetness to the absorbent core
  • Additional gussets on the back and front edges for leak protection during sleep
  • Bowel incontinence friendly with safe plastic heat-safe snaps
  • Easy removal with front snaps for quick access
  • Handcrafted in the United States with fabrics milled in America

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Daniel Van Gent
Threaded Armor Protective Briefs with Snaps the Best!

I now own each type of brief with my latest purchase of Threaded Armor Protective Briefs with Snaps. I am so very pleased with the superb workmanship that goes into every pair that Threaded Armor Super Undies produces! Not one stich is missing, each of these fine undergarments lasts and holds its shape and color through over 500 machine washings and dryings that I have put my original pair of Basic Briefs through. I doubt whether a team of NASA engineers could come even close to correctly designing one of these full protection type briefs (Lounge and Snap briefs) with front to back waterproof leg gussets, and truly comfortable waterproof Tummy, and Back Bands with absorbent inserts from scratch. I look forward to my next purchase!

Excellent daytime protection

These are comfortable, and the snap in inserts stay in place. It’s easy to adjust, the fabric is nice and sturdt for pulling up.

I also really appreciate the design aesthetically. They read as underwear for adults even with familiar elements of diaper design.

The one caveat with these for me is the elastic hurts my skin if I wear it over night. So I use these during the day, and rely on

Cynthia Arnold
Good and bad

Happy with the fit. Son seems comfortable in them. No leaking so far. I am pretty frustrated with how difficult it is to clean the smell and discoloration of any BM’s he has out of them. I soak and scrub and wash like 3-6 times in the washer and still the smell and color remain.

Dependable and comfortable

I ordered the brief along with an extra set of inserts and a soaker bomb. All I can say is it’s very comfortable and fairly discrete when under your clothes. Absorbency could be a little bit better unless you don’t mind being bulky but so far I love it and again VERY comfortable. I’m 210lbs and I ordered an extra large. I do think I could have used a large instead but for the moment although it’s a little bit too big it’s working well.

An evolution on the original

I have been a user of Threaded Armor products for nearly a decade. When their first adult snap on underwear came out many years ago I was eager to try them. As a wheelchair chair user changing can be difficult. Two of the biggest issues I had with the original were often the snaps were too difficult to manipulate and the absorbency pad often never stayed in place.

The new snap on are an evolution on the original. They improved on the snaps making them easier to manipulate. The original stretchy side panels allow for a snug fit, and with the boxer style waistband, brought over from the protective briefs, if the brief shows in the back no one will know it’s a diaper.

Another thing they brought over from the protective brief is the snapping insert. No longer will you have to worry about the absorbent material sliding down when you are pulling these on or off. The inserts snap securely in the front and the back making changes quick and easy.

With the ability to snap in inserts you can easily reuse the shell by removing the insert and snapping in a fresh one. For those times when cloth is not the best solution the shell can be used as a separate cover for a disposable diaper.

In conclusion I believe these are definitely worth a try and at the very least having a pair in your incontinence tool kit.