Adult Diapers - Functional and effective modern cloth diapering for incontinence.

Hi! I'm Laura Woj

Hi! I've been in the cloth diapering world for over 20 years, so when one of my friends became incontinent, I went to work.

These adult diapers are made with stellar design techniques, and trim effective materials. 

I'm very proud of how well we've camouflaged this product. Most people can't even tell it's a diaper, and that's the point. 

I provide adult diapers to folks who want to be free of the cost of disposables. I feel great about my job. I love helping people save money and look great while doing it!

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LiFe Saver

Threaded Armor helped me after a recent surgery that left me with poor bladder control during recovery. I've healed enough to get control of things, now I only need them at night. They are SO much more comfortable than disposables, and they hold a large amount! Switching from disposable adult diapers was truly satisfying. I'm so glad I did!

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Awesomely absorbent, outrageously waterproof, and all-around the best thing to happen to reusable adult diapers since, well, ever.

We surveyed over 250 people, took their responses, then went to work... These diapers were built by YOU. 

Adult Cloth Diapers

Function and effective modern cloth diapering and adult incontinence products.

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Christina Frank

Wow. The Protective Briefs are great! The absorbency is top notch. It has given me some confidence back. And comfortable for day wear. I know if I have an accident, the Protective Brief will PROTECT ME!

Ross Lewis

I purchased the Diaper Pad Absorbency Set and love the options it provides. I can use the larger snap-in insert by itself for daytime wear and then add the smaller insert to double up for nighttime wear. They wash and dry so easily, I wish I made the switch earlier. Super protection and comfort. 

Maria Janusz

These are very well made - you can tell Laura spent a lot of time on prototype designs and getting the construction right. I couldn't really tell how many separate pattern pieces go into this work of art, but there are a lot - and every piece has a function. They are very comfortable and not at all itchy like traditional flannel / gauze cloth diapers. 

Adult Cloth Diapers

Why I'm A Monthly Subscriber

These are NOT your average adult diaper. The shell works great as a diaper cover, but the insert system is excellent also. The inserts are easy to snap out. They wash and dry easy. Worn under jeans they work great, zero leaks! The best part is the legs aren't too tight like a lot of other products.This is by far the best way to use a cloth system for incontinence. Life long subscriber here!

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