How our adult cloth diapers and incontinence pants work so well!

Leg Lock Technology - See How Our Diapers Work

Our unique two insert system brings maximum absorbency to these adult cloth diapers. The insert then snaps into the briefs. This allows all components to wash cleanly and dry efficiently. 

Adult Cloth Diapers with Heavy Duty Protection

That's what we specialize in. Our adult diapers are designed for dignity and protection, as well as a great comfortable fit. The Protective Briefs Flexible Absorbency System allows for full customization. Pad your pants with what you need, when you need it, and eliminate the cost of disposable diapers for good.

Daytime Use? Use the trim 3 layer snap-in insert that nests snuggly inside the 360° gussets to give you full protection. No slipping inserts that bunch up in your bits and pieces. 

Nighttime Use? Stuff it as much as you need to, while still taking advantage of the 360° internal  gussets. If needed, add in Soaker Bombs to out maneuver leaks, and wake up dry.