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The average yearly cost of adult disposable diapers is around $1500/yr, but you can replace ALL of them with quality cloth diapers for about $300.

How Will These Fit?

adult diaper


adult diaper

with Ultimate Comfort

adult diaper

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Recent Reviews From REAL People

A Product that is Everything Threaded Armor Claims and More
Every Threaded Armor I buy saves me at least $200!
Brandon on Jan 9, 2023
I was very impressed they did not leak and best of all no crinkles like the disposables I thought I was doomed to wear. They are extremely well made and fit very comfortably.
David on Jan 11, 2023
Seriously don't hesitate to order. I heard about these from a Reddit AMA and they sounded like the perfect product for my situation.

I was initially concerned with the absorbency but these have not leaked and these are seriously some of the most comfortable diapers you can get.
Colin on Jan 2, 2023

The Lounge Brief Adult Diaper


30 reviews
Do these come with the liners?


  • Protective Brief Adult Diapers include 2 liners
  • Lounge Brief Adult Diapers include 2 sewn-in liners
  • Basic Brief Adult Diapers include 1 sewing in liner
  • Protective Brief Adult Diapers with Snaps include 2 liners

Outer Shell: 100% laminated polyester (PUL)

Tabs: 100% laminated polyester (PUL) and 100% antipill fleece

Absorbency: 100% microfiber spun polyester

Incredible Adult Diaper Protection

Adult diapers need to work! They must be highly waterproof, outrageously absorbent, and fully leak proof - and that's what you get in these Adult Cloth Diaper Lounge Briefs.

Our adult diapers give full coverage through the front and back, four layers of heavy duty microfiber absorbency, leg-locking waterproof gussets, and incredible comfort.

In fact, this adult diaper is know for being the most comfortable on the market.

  • Fleece wrapped waistband and legs alleviate scratchy edges. 
  • Gussets on both legs, back waist and tummy redirect wetness to the internal diaper pad, preventing leaks
  • Contoured fit keeps this adult diaper trim, while being ridiculously effective at it's job. 

Perfect Adult Diaper Comfort


Adult Diaper

How do these adult diapers look under clothing?

Adult Diaper

Customer Reviews

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