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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.

We’ve compiled answers to the most common, toughest questions that people have had the courage to ask.

We went there, so we could bring it to you.

Cloth may not be for everyone, but by switching out even one disposable diaper for a reusable cloth Protective Brief, you can save yourself over $450 a year so it’s worth it to even consider. Not only will we answer some tough questions, but we will ask you probing questions to get you really thinking.

Can you do this? Can you try to replace even one per day?

We’ve broken this guide up into two sections.

Fear-based Questions &
Lifestyle Questions

Cloth Curious?

Let's just tackle the big questions first, shall we? Fear-based questions will stop a person in their track every time. Whether it’s finding a new job, asking someone out on a date, or trying cloth, fear will stop us from moving forward and hold us in a place of familiarity, even if we aren’t in the best place.

Most questions are answered under the Lifestyle section, but let’s get these few out of the way first...

 If I Switch To Cloth, Will They Smell Bad?

Great Question!

Cloth diapers do not tend to smell any different than disposable diapers. It has been mentioned that there is a paradox for people struggling with incontinence. The more water you drink the more you will eliminate and have to change. But the less you drink the more dehydrated you are, which can cause your urine to smell strong. We believe that with the use of our quick-change inserts and our traveling recommendations, you can reduce the typical odor that is emitted when the diaper is used. A disposable diaper also seems to have a deeper musky smell when urine is absorbed by the super absorbent polymers. If our cloth can allow you to change easier and faster than disposables, and you can drink more water to reduce the smell of urine, then cloth diapers will smell better than disposables. The cloth itself will have no odor, yet the super absorbent polymers of a disposable diaper will always carry a lingering scent when used. We believe you can smell batter with cloth then with disposables. #NoFear


Is Cloth Hard To Take Care Of?

 Many people believe that committing to adult cloth diaper incontinence products brings a load of work with it. This is far from the truth! Parents all over the world work cloth diapering into their daily routines, even with the intense time that infants and toddlers demand.

 The basics you'll need to understand when considering if you have the time to care for cloth is that you will probably have to do a load of laundry every other day. It is not necessarily that you have to dedicate an entire load to cloth. We recommend that if you are only using 1 to 2 cloth diapers, which is reasonable if you were slowly transitioning your stash from disposables to cloth, and if your accidents were only liquid in nature, then you can wash your cloth items with other clothes.

 We recommend washing them with towels. If you have built your stash to contain three or more pairs, than we ask you dedicate the load to the cloth diapers. You don't need any special laundry soap. As a general rule you don't use fabric softener with cloth diapering items.

 The best cloth diaper routine looks like this. Start your clothing after work or before dinner. Transfer the load before you go to bed. In the morning you will have fresh and clean underwear for immediate use. The majority of all laundry time is found in folding clothes. With cloth you can simply stack them up and put them in a cool wicker basket. Folding doesn't have to be an issue.

 When you are washing cloth, the majority of the care time involved is passive. An excellent way to care for your cloth without even feeling the time pass is to develop your routine around a favorite TV show you might be watching in the evening. Start them at the beginning of the TV show, transfer before your next show or before bed. 


Are Cloth Diapers Easy To Hide Under Clothes?

We cannot speak for all cloth incontinence products out there, but we certainly can attest to the fit and function of Threaded Armor © undies. We have designed all of our products to remaining trim, without compromising waterproof or absorbent functionality.

 One of our best features for remaining incognito is our waistband. In reality, an active lifestyle can occasionally expose one's waistband of their undergarments. There is so much fear behind the plastic of a disposable diaper peeking out from one’s jeans. It would be completely devastating. The waistband of our underwear is identical to the elastic waistband of a pair of boxers. If this happens with our product, it will just look like any other pair of underwear.