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FSA/HSA Information

This website processes FSA and HSA cards. 

Can I buy adult cloth diapers with my FSA/HSA card? 

Yes. You can use your FSA crd or HSA card to cover medical expenses. Medical expenses are considered the costs of diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, and for the purpose of affecting any part or function of the body. These expenses include payments for legal medical services rendered by physicians, surgeons, dentists, and other medical practitioners. They include the costs of equipment, supplies, and diagnostic devices needed for these purposes. This means adult cloth diapers. 

Our adult cloth incontinence diapers are an expense necessary to treat and mitigate the affects of various disorders and diseases such as Angelman's syndrome, spina bifida, severe autism, brain trauma and TBI, neurogenic bladder, spinal injury and trauma, prostate cancer, overactive bladder, prolapsed bladder, irritable bowel syndrome, and others. Diapers - whether cloth or disposable are medical necessities for these disorders, and are used as a primary source to alleviate the physical effects of these disorders and disabilities.

In short, any diapers or liners on this website are qualified medical expenses, and so you may purchase them with your FSA or HSA card. 

Do I have to submit for reimbursement? 

If you are using your FSA or HSA card you do NOT have to submit for reimbursement. You may have to submit a receipt to validate your medical expense. 

If you do not have an FSA or HSA card on hand, but you have an account then you may purchase your items with personal funds and submit the receipt to your FSA/HSA account for reimbursement. 

What can I not purchase on Threaded Armor with my FSA/HSA card?

Supplies that are non-medical in nature, such as wetbags may not be eligible for FSA/HSA coverage. This item does not treat a medical condition. However, Odor eliminator, which is not a medical necessity such as a diaper, still alleviates the odor of incontinence and so may qualify.  

Do I need to submit my receipt for approval? 

Possibly. Although Threaded Armor is unique in the sense that it will process your FSA and HSA card, you are still responsible for using your FSA and HSA account in the proper manner. Your agreement with your card provider is that you be willing to produce a receipt that validates the medical expense. You can use the email you received when placing your order. You may also log into your account to view your order history and screenshot your record from there. 

You do not need prior approval before purchasing. You can buy your diapers, then wait until a receipt is asked for by your card provider. 

How do I find my receipt? 

Your order confirmation was emailed to you when you placed your order. You may also log into your account to view your order history and screenshot your record from there. If you need our assistance in producing your receipt please email us at info@threadedarmor.com

Can I buy a diaper that does not have the FSA/HSA approved badge on it? 

Yes you may. You may use your FSA or HSA card to purchase all adults cloth diapers, including limited releases and items in the Playful Prints section. Items that have the yellow badge on them are registered in the national database of qualified FSA/HSA items, and can be sold in pharmacies, drug stores, and wherever medical supplies are sold, but the fact is that all adult cloth diapers, regardless of color or print, are qualified FSA and HSA approved items.