How They Work

Absorbency + Waterproofing = Protection

Heavy Absorbency + Double Waterproofing = Protective Briefs

 Incontinence waterproof protective brief for adults



Our unique two insert system brings maximum absorbency to the brief. Its contoured sides fit well for a less bulky, trim appearance. Use one or both inserts to customize the absorbency to your needs.

The insert snaps into the briefs. This allows all components to wash cleanly and dry efficiently. 

You can also purchase extra Diaper Pad Sets and rotate them without changing the brief. That makes changing in public simple: 

While on the toilet, snap out your diaper pad and place in your wet-bag, then snap in another. Pull those pants up and head out! Just remember to wash your hands :) 

Incontinence waterproof protective brief for adults

Cloth Diaper Built with Gussets



 Waterproof gussets around the legs lock in wetness and keep everything contained in the diaper. 

Gusseted adult cloth diapers incontinence protective briefs

Heavy Absorbent Adult Cloth Diaper with Waterproof gusset protection



Waterproof gussets at the top AND back of the waist lock in wetness when you're sleeping, front or back. 

Customer Hacks: 

1. Some clients go up a size and use two flexible absorbency inserts for nighttime. It can be thick, so you have to go up a size, but with the gussets at the top, back and front, as well as leg area, you are safe to try it if you are close to the next size. 

2. While our adult cloth diaper Protective Briefs were designed to be a fully functional stand-alone adult cloth diaper, you can use the brief without insert as a pull-on shell. Traveling? You can use a disposable while on a flight and a Protective brief shell over it to ensure your seat is dry when you get up!