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Lounge Brief Diaper Subscription

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51 reviews
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Want something a little different? 

Step away from medical white for a moment, and get our most underwear-like look we make.

This reusable adult cloth diaper/underwear that can tackle any challenge, and help normalize your life. You’re busy. Too busy for incontinence, yet it persists. We get it. You don’t have time for leaks, and you need something that can work with you through the day and night. If you want comfort and confidence, and you won’t stand for anything less, allow us to introduce Threaded Armor’s Lounge Briefs.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Love the Lounge fit

Big fan of the fuzzy leg and waist bands. Love the playful colour combinations. They're very absorbent (can usually wear for a few wettings), but don't hold up well for nighttime sog. The PUL parts are fine, but the moisture always seems to find the connective part between the leg guard and the rest of the diaper and leaks there.

Still giving 5* because they're incredibly comfortable and solve daytime wear issues with disposables (where more discretion/movement is required)


The most comfortable thing out there I've found and does not easily leak . From my experience capacity of product is about what they say


I like the lounge briefs. They are very comfortable and reasonably absorbent. They will eventually leak out if I lie on my side, but otherwise, they are good.

Jeff Lersch
Outstanding All-in-one diaper

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Threaded Armor lounge brief. It has good absorbency and is not prone to leaks like all the other all-in-one diapers I’ve tried.

Matt Wills
Amazing product!

This is quite possibly the most comfortable product I have ever ever worn. It fits very well, really snug - I'm a little afraid that it'll shrink when I wash it, there doesn't seem to be much wiggle room. At the same time, I am impressed on how much wiggling this can take. Bending, walking, reaching - it stays in place and doesn't sag or fall much. I am impressed by the super tall gussets and leak barriers in the front and back - far superior to any other cloth or disposable product on the market. Putting it on for the first time ever, I immediately knew I would be buying more. Threaded Armor is an appropriate name, but they really do feel like super undies in a way, because you feel like you have the super power to do anything with them, unlike other products where I have to worry about leaks. Thank you so much!