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The average yearly cost of adult disposable diapers is around $1500/yr, but you can replace ALL of them with quality cloth diapers for about $300.

Lounge Brief - Smalls


41 reviews
How To Use The Lounge Brief

Outer Shell: 100% laminated polyester (PUL)

Tabs: 100% laminated polyester (PUL) and 100% antipill fleece

Absorbency: 100% microfiber spun polyester

Introducing the Threaded Armor Lounge Brief

- The adult cloth diaper that will change the way you manage incontinence. Say goodbye to bulky, uncomfortable diapers and hello to the most comfortable and practical solution available.

Our Lounge Brief is designed with you in mind - it features ultra-soft waist and leg bands for maximum comfort, and a flexibly adjustable absorbent core to provide superior protection against leaks and wetness. But that's not all. Our brilliant hidden pocket allows you to add even more absorbency when you need it most.

With the Threaded Armor Lounge Brief, you'll experience the best of both worlds - style and function. The sleek, discreet design makes it easy to wear under everyday clothing without sacrificing style or discretion.

Not only is our Lounge Brief comfortable and practical, but it's also easy to use. With no need for inserts or additional padding, just pull it up and you're ready to go.

Our adult diapers give full coverage through the front and back, four layers of heavy duty microfiber absorbency, leg-locking waterproof gussets, and incredible comfort.

Features Include:

  • Fleece wrapped waistband and legs alleviate scratchy edges. 
  • Gussets on both legs, back waist and tummy redirect wetness to the internal diaper pad, preventing leaks
  • Contoured fit keeps this adult diaper trim, while being ridiculously effective at it's job. 
  • Made to order - Right here in America.
  • In fact, this adult diaper is know for being the most comfortable on the market.

Perfect Adult Diaper Comfort 

Adult Diaper

Customer Reviews

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How Do The Lounge Brief Adult Diapers Fit Under Clothing?

We're debunking the myth that adult cloth diapers are bulky and unflattering under clothing.

Here, Laura shows you our thickest cloth diaper we make, the Lounge Brief, and proves that you can have maximum absorbency and comfort while maintaining a sleek, discreet profile under everyday clothing