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The average yearly cost of adult disposable diapers is around $1500/yr, but you can replace ALL of them with quality cloth diapers for about $300.

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Protective Briefs - Smalls


219 reviews

For Daytime Or Nighttime Adult Incontinence

Introducing the Protective Brief Adult Diaper - the perfect adult diapering solution for those who want to feel comfortable and confident all day long. We understand that life can be challenging, and we all need help making our daily routine easier.

Whether you're dealing with incontinence or simply want to stay dry during the night, The Protective Brief is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection. Features include high-quality materials, waterproof leg gussets, and a removable absorbency system that gets fully clean and dries quickly. Protective Briefs are reusable, eco-friendly,, made in America, and easy to care for. No more worrying about running out of disposable diapers or harming the environment with excessive waste. Each pair is expertly crafted to order, and will ship in 5-15 days. 

Our reusable adult cloth diaper is perfect for people of all ages and sizes. The stretchy elastic waistband ensures a snug and comfortable fit, while the absorbent layers keep you dry and leak-free. With our cloth diaper, you can go about your day without worrying about leaks or discomfort.

We understand that using a cloth diaper may seem daunting at first, but we promise it's easier than you think. Our cloth diaper is designed to be simple to use and easy to clean. And because it is rated for over 3 years of continued use, you'll save money in the long run.

So why wait? Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have made the switch to our reusable adult cloth diaper. With its comfort, reliability, and eco-friendly design, it's the perfect choice for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the world while staying comfortable all day and night. 

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Adult Bedwetting - Solved!

Incontinence has it's challenges, but the biggest one is bedwetting in adults. Adult Bedwetting Protective Briefs are designed to provide comfortable, discreet protection and superior absorbency. Made with advanced leak-proof technology, these briefs helps prevent bedwetting and incontinence accidents in adults. Featuring a natural, cotton-like feel, the briefs offer up to 8 hours of protection and leak prevention. 

If you want comfort and confidence and you won’t stand for anything less, allow us to introduce Threaded Armor’s Protective Briefs. The newest, most innovative adult bedwetting diaper that helps incontinent individuals all over the world!

Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews
Awesome Design

I purchased the protective brief. The brief is clearly very well made and fits to size based on the specifications. I am impressed with how comfortable it is as well as the confidence I have in it despite it being relatively discreet. I was originally skeptical of the concept, but this product definitely proved me wrong. It is a welcome purchase I expect to find value in for years to come.

Perfect Adult Cloth Diapers

I'm a fully urinary incontinent woman that's had bladder issues for over 20 years and in diapers 24/7 for five years now. I wish I would have invested in these diapers years ago.

Cloth has been my prefered type of diaper, but I've always been annoyed at changing prefolf cloth diapers through out the day. For years I've been in a megamax diaper during the day and prefold diapers at night.

Thread armor diapers have changed everything about my diaper routine. The protect diaper with two inserts and two stepup inserts is the perfect mega max replacement.

Thread armor diapers are now my go to daytime diaper 99% of the time. Thank you so much for breaking the very expensive disposable diaper bill I've had for year!

Fantastic features most disposables don’t have

I’ve worn disposable tabbed briefs for years because they didn’t stretch or sag. I had issues at night with leaking from the waistband or my wayward Willy positioning itself to stream right past the waist.

These protective briefs are a game changer. They feature a gusset at the back waistband which helps back sleepers or those prone to blowouts.

They also feature a unique leak guard and front waist gusset that help contain for stomach and side sleepers. This design also helps make sure the wayward Willy stays right where it’s supposed to be.

Laundering is a breeze with the snap out liners, if you have a light leak you can even quickly change the liner and keep the same shell. I also appreciate how the liners and inserts come apart so drying time doesn’t take forever!

These are cozy, the flannel leg holes make them wonderfully cozy.

I was on the fence for months because of the cost, but I went right back and bought more.

Innovative features with a few drawbacks

- Quality construction and made with care
- Discreet appearance under clothing (especially without extra inserts), with underwear-like waistband
- Gussets seem larger and sturdier than comparable products, and top gusset is especially nice
- Having both front and back snaps keep inserts securely in place
- Fleece leg elastics are the most comfortable of anything I’ve tried
- Flexible insert system is easy to clean and dry (compared to AIOs or products with thick layers sewn together)
- I love the ability to reach through the whole insert from both sides to stuff it, making it much faster to get the inserts to lay smooth (vs. products with openings on only one side, which are prone to insert bunching)
- ABDL-aware and friendly company

- Microfiber inserts seem very prone to compression leaks, especially when sitting
- Absorbency is disappointing compared to premium disposables: these nearly always leak on me within 1–2 hours, even with extra inserts / soaker bombs
- Top jersey layer feels okay, but doesn’t provide quite the same “stay-dry feel” as fleece lining on comparable EcoAble products
- Fixed waistbands mean it’s harder to get a good fit when between sizes (for me, M size is tight in the rise/legs, but L size is loose and droopy in the waist)
- Shell is not ideal as a cover over larger disposables, as leaks may occur outside the gussets (providing no extra protection), plus dye from the disposable’s wetness indicator can leak out and discolor the shell

Dave Gillett
Super comfort

This is my first purchase of any Threaded Amour product. I have never tried any incontinence product as comfortable as this one. I only wish that I had purchased a slightly smaller size. It would have made it seal much better. Some things that I would like to see improved would like to see a few more snaps to hold the inserts and booster pads in place a little more securely. Thank you for your ingenious product. I do plan on purchasing additional products to meet my needs in the future.