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Protective Brief Diaper Subscription


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Want something a little different? 

Step away from medical white for a moment, and get our most underwear-like look we make.

This reusable adult cloth diaper/underwear that can tackle any challenge, and help normalize your life. You’re busy. Too busy for incontinence, yet it persists. We get it. You don’t have time for leaks, and you need something that can work with you through the day and night. If you want comfort and confidence, and you won’t stand for anything less, allow us to introduce Threaded Armor’s Protective Briefs. 

These are technically a diaper, but they are so much more! Protective Briefs are designed to NOT look like a diaper, but to function better than any disposable you've ever tried. They are world-class waterproof incontinence underwear with flexible absorbency! Reusable, washable, and perfect for daytime incontinence or nighttime bedwetting. 

Protective Briefs are for men and woman. Although the pattern does not change for gender, they are perfectly oriented for male incontinence due to their unique gusset panels that line the legs and waist. Absorbency may be placed in more strategic areas based on your needs. Ladies: use the Diaper Pad Set laid flat and snapped in from front to back. Gentlemen: At night and if necessary, feel free to fold a Soaker Bomb in half and place it in front, where more absorbency will be required.

Want even more flexibility out of your Protective Brief? You can reuse the brief itself by just changing the absorbent liner! From a sitting position you can simply snap out the Diaper Pad Set and snap a new one in, all without even stepping out of the underwear. You can get more Flexible Absorbency pads here


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