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How I Stopped The Dreaded Diaper Shredding

How I Stopped The Dreaded Diaper Shredding

Every night, without fail, my husband would shred his disposable diaper in his sleep.

Why? We think it has something to do with a tactile sensitivity that he developed, but we're not really sure. Maybe disposables just really irritate him. Maybe it's a tick he can't stop, an when he falls asleep that nature just takes over. Regardless...

Every morning, I would have beads and sap and plastic all over the bed.

Not only would I have to wash my husband, and not only would I have to wash the bedding, but because there were small pieces of plastic everywhere I would have to hand rinse it all first. Planning how to manage this morning time because a big consideration in my days. We would leave the house less, we would have less visitors' and I was just exhausted. 

We had tried a few types of cloth diapers, but many that I found were in baby prints. If you can make a big diaper, why can't you make it in a nice color that gives my husband some dignity? I suppose I cared more than him, but I did care. I've loved this man for decades, and I didn't want to see him having to wear a large baby diaper. 

Eventually we were directed to Threaded Armor, which seemed like a dignified diapering option.

I spoke with Laura on the phone and she gave me some great ideas. She said if I was more comfortable with using disposables, I could just use the brief as a pull-on cover and not use the padded insert inside. Although my husband could fit into a size medium or a large, we decided to go with the medium. The smaller size would limit the amount of room he had to put his hands in his pants. She also encouraged me to try them in the daytime as well, with the insert. If we could eliminate disposables, then we could save some money. Then she said something that floored me... 

Maybe disposables were the reason he shreds his diapers.

Apparently there are traces of chemicals left on the diapers after they are manufactured. These chemicals that are generated in the production of the disposable diapers are a known toxin, and it was possible my husband was sensitive and reacting to that. It made sense. How would we even know any other way? Disposables are recommended by urologists, while the idea of adult cloth diapers aren't even considered! And here they are... causing us even more trouble. Im so thankful I found Threaded Armor, and I'm even more thankful for Laura's advice. 

We are currently looking into things like detoxing, sensitive skin creams, natural antihistamines, and more natural solutions in general. Laura is a blessing, and she's really helped me look at my own care in a more holistic way. 

*If you want to share your story, just email it to info@threadedarmor.com. Our goal is to show a persons journey, and promote togetherness.
You are not alone!

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