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Neurogenic Bowel and Bladder

Neurogenic Bowel and Bladder

I currently wear cloth day and night, I am diapered for 6 hours of control but am changed every 4. 

During the day BM's are changed as needed, at night I am left to sleep till morning. I am restrained in a power wheelchair for safe mobility (toes, ankles, knees, pelvis, waist, torso.)

I have a neurogenic bowel and bladder, which is a spinal cord injury sometimes interrupts communication between the brain and the nerves in the spinal cord.

This lead to a loss of control for bladder and bowel function. It causes me to have constant leaks, with occasional 400 to 600 ML floods. Bowel wise I use medication to override my bodies constipation. I don't have urgency or sensation to use the bathroom. The medication makes it impossible for a normal person to retain stool, for me I find out after it happens , 4 to 5 times a day.

Did you know that the number 1 cause for premature wear and needing to be replaced early of all wheelchairs is incontinence? This makes it extra important to have maximum absorbency at the maximum protection level. Life will teach you - if it can go wrong it will. Especially with diapers.

Disposable diapers give me sores and "love bites" from the plastic bits. I definitely appreciate soft, wrapped leg elastic!

Coupled with my degenerative muscular disease, I am an exceptionally rare individual. They’ve told me I am the first person in history to have these 2 diseases together, the first American to ever have them, and ultimately hopefully the only person. I have taken great care not to reproduce in my younger healthier days, there for I am the only person on earth living and dying with what I have. People ask me all the time if I attend any "support groups.”

I tell them, "Yes. I go into my room and bitch and moan till I can’t stand it, then leave it behind until next time." I guess this is what I would call 'venting.'

I put special needs into the dictionary one day at a time!

Most people know me as a humorous sarcastic loveable guy!

: )

I am grateful for my girlfriend, and my caretakers. 

I know a-lot of special needs families who swear by Super Undies for their kids Incontinence issues, and I’m happy to discover how this bigger version can help me.

One Nation | One Family | One Race = Human 

Let's be nice, we are all brothers and sisters!

Sent in 1-30-2021


*If you want to share your story, just email it to info@threadedarmor.com. Our goal is to show a persons journey, and promote togetherness.

You are not alone!

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