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When you have incontinence finding something that works is a struggle

When you have incontinence finding something that works is a struggle.

I've had incontinence as long as I can remember. When I was a kid it was not managed except to change soiled clothes. Wearing a diaper was something only babies did.

When I became an adult I decided to do something about my incontinence. I got over my shame of having to use diapers. I started with a disposable pull-on diaper. The ones provided by my insurance company were not designed for my body type and often leaked because they were too big and did not offer proper leg guards and absorbency.

In the search for a better product, I happened to stumble across Super Undies.

I love they have adjustable absorption capabilities for either daytime or nighttime use. The fleece lining around the legs reduces the chance of leaks.

Ironically I use the nighttime undies most often during the day at home for mild daytime protection. The protective briefs are used at night and long times away from home because they offer gussets to contain leaks.

The protective briefs offer an underwear style waistband so if they ride up nobody will think you're wearing a diaper. I'm so thankful I have found super undies. They offer the protection I need while maintaining privacy and dignity.

Sent in 2/07/2021

-LD  Minneapolis Minnesota

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You are not alone!


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Neurogenic Bowel and Bladder

Neurogenic Bowel and Bladder

I currently wear cloth day and night, I am diapered for 6 hours of control but am changed every 4. 

During the day BM's are changed as needed, at night I am left to sleep till morning. I am restrained in a power wheelchair for safe mobility (toes, ankles, knees, pelvis, waist, torso.)

I have a neurogenic bowel and bladder, which is a spinal cord injury sometimes interrupts communication between the brain and the nerves in the spinal cord.

This lead to a loss of control for bladder and bowel function. It causes me to have constant leaks, with occasional 400 to 600 ML floods. Bowel wise I use medication to override my bodies constipation. I don't have urgency or sensation to use the bathroom. The medication makes it impossible for a normal person to retain stool, for me I find out after it happens , 4 to 5 times a day.

Did you know that the number 1 cause for premature wear and needing to be replaced early of all wheelchairs is incontinence? This makes it extra important to have maximum absorbency at the maximum protection level. Life will teach you - if it can go wrong it will. Especially with diapers.

Disposable diapers give me sores and "love bites" from the plastic bits. I definitely appreciate soft, wrapped leg elastic!

Coupled with my degenerative muscular disease, I am an exceptionally rare individual. They’ve told me I am the first person in history to have these 2 diseases together, the first American to ever have them, and ultimately hopefully the only person. I have taken great care not to reproduce in my younger healthier days, there for I am the only person on earth living and dying with what I have. People ask me all the time if I attend any "support groups.”

I tell them, "Yes. I go into my room and bitch and moan till I can’t stand it, then leave it behind until next time." I guess this is what I would call 'venting.'

I put special needs into the dictionary one day at a time!

Most people know me as a humorous sarcastic loveable guy!

: )

I am grateful for my girlfriend, and my caretakers. 

I know a-lot of special needs families who swear by Super Undies for their kids Incontinence issues, and I’m happy to discover how this bigger version can help me.

One Nation | One Family | One Race = Human 

Let's be nice, we are all brothers and sisters!

Sent in 1-30-2021


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You are not alone!

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How I Stopped The Dreaded Diaper Shredding

How I Stopped The Dreaded Diaper Shredding

Every night, without fail, my husband would shred his disposable diaper in his sleep.

Why? We think it has something to do with a tactile sensitivity that he developed, but we're not really sure. Maybe disposables just really irritate him. Maybe it's a tick he can't stop, an when he falls asleep that nature just takes over. Regardless...

Every morning, I would have beads and sap and plastic all over the bed.

Not only would I have to wash my husband, and not only would I have to wash the bedding, but because there were small pieces of plastic everywhere I would have to hand rinse it all first. Planning how to manage this morning time because a big consideration in my days. We would leave the house less, we would have less visitors' and I was just exhausted. 

We had tried a few types of cloth diapers, but many that I found were in baby prints. If you can make a big diaper, why can't you make it in a nice color that gives my husband some dignity? I suppose I cared more than him, but I did care. I've loved this man for decades, and I didn't want to see him having to wear a large baby diaper. 

Eventually we were directed to Threaded Armor, which seemed like a dignified diapering option.

I spoke with Laura on the phone and she gave me some great ideas. She said if I was more comfortable with using disposables, I could just use the brief as a pull-on cover and not use the padded insert inside. Although my husband could fit into a size medium or a large, we decided to go with the medium. The smaller size would limit the amount of room he had to put his hands in his pants. She also encouraged me to try them in the daytime as well, with the insert. If we could eliminate disposables, then we could save some money. Then she said something that floored me... 

Maybe disposables were the reason he shreds his diapers.

Apparently there are traces of chemicals left on the diapers after they are manufactured. These chemicals that are generated in the production of the disposable diapers are a known toxin, and it was possible my husband was sensitive and reacting to that. It made sense. How would we even know any other way? Disposables are recommended by urologists, while the idea of adult cloth diapers aren't even considered! And here they are... causing us even more trouble. Im so thankful I found Threaded Armor, and I'm even more thankful for Laura's advice. 

We are currently looking into things like detoxing, sensitive skin creams, natural antihistamines, and more natural solutions in general. Laura is a blessing, and she's really helped me look at my own care in a more holistic way. 

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You are not alone!

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5 Adult Cloth Diaper Hacks

5 Adult Cloth Diaper Hacks


Get Faster Dry Time After Washing your Adult Cloth Diapers

Want to save electrical costs on drying diapers, and dry them faster? This tried and proven trick can dramatically reduce the time it takes to dry a full load of diapers.

Place a dry, fluffy bath towel in your load with wet items. The towel will absorb some of the moisture from the diapers and spread it out, while drying the newly moist towel at the same time. To make this truly effective, you should remove the towel after the first 20 minutes of drying time.

You can also separate your shells from absorbent inners, for more effective drying. Dry the shells for 10 minutes, then remove them to air dry the last bit.
Then dry your absorbency inserts. By removing the waterproof shells from the load, you are allowing air to circulate more effectively through the inserts and, and that will dry them faster.

Incontinence Briefs Can Double As Your Swim Diaper

Swim diapers. The ultimate conundrum that can halt many of us from enjoying some of the most pleasurable, relaxing aspects of life. This hack is really just for cloth users, but did you know that a cloth diaper with limited to no insert system IS technically a swim diaper? Your Protective briefs can pull double duty, and free you up to jump in the hot tub! This hack really works best with diapering underwear that have gussets, so while the Protective Briefs fit this bill, not all cloth diapers fall under this hack.

Diaper Discs

Diaper Discs are made from baking soda, and can be used for deodorizing… ANYTHING. Their original intent was to help a diaper pail from smelling bad. They work for disposable diaper pails or cloth pails. But did you know you can use them

For personal use: Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 40 drops of your favorite essential oil. Add water little by little until you create a paste – don’t add too much water!
Once it’s mixed well, put the mixture in a silicone mold so it is no more than 5 millimeters high. Wait 24-48 hours until it’s completely dry. Take it out of the mold and store in an airtight jar. Place this disc in between your cloth insert layers (for cloth protective brief use.) For

For diaper pail use: Follow the recipe above and press into a silicone mold until it reaches the top. Wait 24-48 hours until it’s completely dry. Take out of the mold and place one at the bottom at your pail.

These discs completely dissolve in the washing machine, and are cloth diaper friendly!

Swap Out The Insert

This is a true diaper hack that can be used for cloth or disposables. The benefits of having a separate absorbency system not built into the body of your briefs is that you can often just swap out one insert for another! This gives you a whole second useable period without change the Briefs. Putting the Flexible Insert System into a disposable diaper gives the same effect.
Simply change the insert out and place it in a waterproof bag, then replace the insert if you are using Protective Briefs, or you can choose to not replace it if you are using a disposable diaper. Either way, you are saving yourself money by lengthening the use time of your disposable diaper or Protective Briefs.

Incontinence Car Kit

Traveling with incontinence, short or long distances, can have its challenges. Keep a packed travel car kit in your vehicle in case of emergency.

I personally fancy a hard cased, tool box-like kit, mainly for discretion. A backpack or small suitcase would work fine as well! Think about what you may need, and what could go wrong on the road to determine its contents. Here are a few great suggestions…

  • Box of Ziplocks (so if one gets used you don’t have tot worry about replacing it)
  • Roll of paper towels
  • Extra pair of pants
  • Pack of wet wipes
  • Cologne, or Odor Eliminator 


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