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Curious if reusable adult diapers can work for you?

We’ve compiled answers to the most common, toughest questions that people have had the courage to ask. We went there, so we could bring it to you.

Switch from disposables to adult diapers and save money

Cloth may not be for everyone, but by switching out even one disposable diaper for a reusable adult diaper you can save yourself over $450 a year! It's like making money, and so we want to really consider the difficult questions surrounding adult diapers that you just wash at home. Not only will we answer some tough questions, but we will ask you probing questions to get you really thinking. Can you do this? Can you try to replace even one diaper a day?

Why you might be afraid to try adult diapers

There are two categories of questions we tackle in the Cloth Curious guide. Fear based and lifestyle based.

If you switch from disposables to adult diapers, won't they smell bad?

Isn't cloth harder to take care of then just using disposables?

 (in short, more is involved, but it's kind of like saying yourself to do a load of laundry, right?) More on this in the guide though.


Will adult diapers be noticeable under clothing?