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Odor Eliminator


  • 100% 70 Denier polyester laminate
  • 100% Polyester microfiber for absorbency

The Most Embarrassing Thing About incontinence is When Others Know About It

Odor Eliminator is made with Colloidal Gold. That’s the tough guy in the chemical world that binds with odors, puts them in a headlock and takes ’em down! You won’t believe how powerful this stuff is! We use more Colloidal Gold than any other manufacturer of similar products because WE know how much this topic matters.

Our bottle is not labeled, perfectly discreet, and ideally sized to be long-lasting, while still being small enough to travel with.

How to use:

After eliminating in your briefs, shake bottle and spray the space around your waist to eliminate odors from emanating.

When swapping inserts spray the inner shell of the brief to freshen it up. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cole Worden
Phenomenal product

Going from high end disposable to cloth I didn’t know what to expect. A few spritz’s and not only is the smell gone but you’re left feeling refreshed. Unbelievably reassuring in a world where most of us are self conscious. Great product.

Nicholas Breaux
Works as advertised

Spray around waist and go . Does a fantastic job.

Lance M.
I Seriously Can’t Believe it

You can use this anywhere. Just spray it around you when you don’t feel confident (like someone might smell something…) and it’s GONE. Smells great and CLEAN! Its EXACTLY what I’ve wanted. Even the bottle doesn't give away what it is. And it can be used for so much more. A bathroom spray, a general room spray - heck, even a cologne!

Exceed expectations

I got this spray having tried many others and been very disappointed. I was expecting this to be another let down and the only thing let down were my expectations.

It takes very little spray to eliminate odors for hours, it smells incredibly pleasant, and its so versatile that it gets used for far more than incontinence odors. I will be purchasing this again!

Garry G
It really works!!

It really works in eliminating odors, and it doesn’t take a large quantity. Just a squirt in Front and back and the odors go away and it has a pleasant smell upon application but, doesn’t linger aground, and the odors go away or are mask with the spray. Thank you for peace of mind, when around others.