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Diaper Pad Set; 4 Pack

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  • 100% 70 Denier polyester laminate
  • 100% Polyester microfiber for absorbency


Want even more flexibility out of your Adult cloth diaper Protective Brief? You can reuse the brief itself by just changing the absorbent liner! From a sitting position you can simply snap out Diaper Pad and snap a new one in, all without even stepping out of the underwear. Now you can use the diaper shells all day, or until your better judgment says you shouldn't. 

Threaded Armor orders or orders with any adult diapers in them will always ship discretely. This listing is for a 2-piece set: A Snap-in Diaper Pad and a Step-up Insert. Most orders typically ship in a poly-mailer or priority mail envelope. The return address will state "Laura Woj" and will not reference Super Undies, Special Undies, or Threaded Armor.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
They are perfect after all

I wrote a review preciously saying that this system wasn't perfect because the cuffs seem to wick moisture out. Well, I received a super soaker for my troubles, and using it solved my problem. I have had NO LEAKS since. This system is amazing! Just needs that extra help.

Ultimate comfort

I use the XL with the XL protective briefs. I’m 5’11” and 290lbs with a 42” waist. This system is very easy to customize and “bulk up” if needed. Finding a product like this for men makes it worth while. Will be purchasing more.

Jay Bee
Great for Added Absorbency and Comfort

I knew I was going to need the extra padding in my Protective Briefs so I added these in with my order and not only do they take care of business, they add a whole layer of comfort to the diaper. I'll add in the Diaper Pad Set for bedtime or if I'm having a few drinks out on the porch with my wife. The added bulk makes any seat comfortable but be aware, the Protective Briefs are quite noticeable under shorts or pants with the Diaper Pad Set included.

The ability to layer the diaper pads between each other is great, because you can just snap on the inner-most layer and everything below that stays in place. The added padding on the inside isn't so thick that it rises above the pocket and leg gathers, so heavy soiling is still contained really well inside the brief.

Another bonus to the added layers is if a soiling accident occurs, only the soiled diaper pads needs to be replaced. There isn't a need to replace the whole brief with a fresh one, just the diaper pad. I bought the XL and they are definitely wide enough to contain moderate soiling without leaking into the rest of the brief.

I highly recommend the Diaper Pad Set for use with the Protective Briefs for overnight use or for fast changes while out and about. Just unsnap the wet or soiled diaper pad, wipe down the inside of the brief, then snap in a fresh pad and be on your way.

Does a great job almost every time

I decided to write a review because I have a slightly different need. I only need protection at night maybe once a week. I might wake up after I have started and run to the bathroom, so I need something that is easy to pull up and down and that I can wear several nights before it needs washing. These are absolutely perfect for that! I had to search a while to find the perfect reusable protection. The only problem I have is if I totally pee in my sleep, the leg cuffs leak a bit. The inserts soak things up but I think maybe the cuffs wick some of the wetness out. I still love having the shell separate for easy clean up, and the inserts dry very quickly when I rinse them and hang them up.

Donna Rutledge-Goulden
They really work!

I am a F/T wheelchair user who works in an office with only 2 toilets available for 12 people.These are a godsend.I use a pad set and 2 soaker pads to make sure I have no leakage. Greak product.