The Lounge Brief - Incontinence Diaper All-in-one

Woman in Threaded Armor adult cloth diaper for incontinence
MODELLounge Brief
Use case
Daytime, Night Time
AbsorbencyMicrofiber, 4 Layers
CapacityS 410 ml | M 500 ml | L 570 ml | XL 680 ML
Leg BindingThin, soft microfleece
Waistband Thin, soft microfleece
Compatible with insertsStep-up inserts, Soaker Bombs
FeaturesWaterproof leg gussets, waterproof stomach and back gussets, built in 4 layers absorbency, pocket to add liners. 

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Here's What You Gotta' Know!

Heavy Duty

Protective briefs have waterproof gussets lining both legs, as well as the front and back edges. Excellent for tummy sleepers, side sleepers, heck - or anyone sleeping with incontinence!

Multiple use throughout the day

Get more bang for your buck by swapping out your diaper pad absorbency set! Just head to the bathroom, snap out the soiled pad and snap in a fresh one!

Save cash!

Even just swapping out to if you were disposable diapers for cloth can save you $500 a year.

 That's like a whole mini vacation

No Problem :)

You've already got it rough, but don't worry, we got you. 

Protective briefs heavy duty "protection" measures are designed to bring you peace of mind

incontinence diapers- features and use

Awesomely absorbent, outrageously waterproof, and all-around the best thing to happen to reusable adult diapers since, well, ever.

How do these look under clothing?

man in diaper - incontinence adult cloth diapers

Lounge Brief


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Will These Ship Discreetly?
Shipping Adult Pull-ups

They Will

Threaded Armor orders or orders with any adult product in them will always ship discreetly.

Most orders typically ship in a grey poly-mailer or priority mail envelope. The return address will only state "Laura Woj" and will not reference Threaded Armor. 

It will just look like you got a package from a friend. And indeed, you did! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews Write a review

How We Give Back

10 % of every dollar we bring in, on the gross, goes to charities. In fact, our donations double our profits. We faithfully sit down every month and send donations. 

Complimentary Items For Our Reusable Adult Diapers

Adult Diaper Step-up Insert

Adult cloth diaper padding
Adult cloth diaper padding

Need a little more padding? Stuff those briefs with a Step-up Insert. Need a lot more? Use two or more. Just step up the absorbency and customize your brief exactly how you like it, for the place you're at. 

These inserts are made of two layers of microfiber, topped with a smooth layer of mock mesh. They fit perfectly into the pocket of a Snap-in Liner. In fact, you get one Step-up Insert and one Snap-in Liner with each purchase of a Protective Brief.  

Suggestive uses:

  • Use one insert when your heading out. 
  • Use two-three inserts for nighttime
  • Fold the insert in half and use it in the front for extra soaking power right where you need it.


100% polyester microfiber 


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3 Pack, Just $0.16 a Day!

3 Pack, Just $0.16 a Day!
3 Pack, Just $0.16 a Day!

Buy three Protective Briefs at a HUGE discount and Get 3 FREE Soaker Bomb Step-up Inserts!

If you go through 3 diapers a day, this is the deal for you! This package deal works out to be just 16 cents a day over 3 years! Even if you only use them for one year (they will last way longer than that) than it's only $0.50 a day, a savings of over $1000 in one year!

We will curate color combinations for you based on your selections and in-stock product, guaranteeing you the fastest ship time.

Being flexible on colors allows us to reduce the price while providing you with the quickest, snappiest shopping experience possible. Images shown are possibilities of colors and prints you may or may not receive. Feel free to leave a comment in the notes section of your top choices and we will attempt to accommodate your request. 


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