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Cloth may not be for everyone, but by switching out even one disposable diaper for a reusable cloth Protective Brief, you can save yourself over $450 a year so it’s worth it to even consider. Not only will we answer some tough questions, but we will ask you probing questions to get you really thinking.

Can you do this? Can you try to replace even one per day?

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How Do I Know What Type Of Brief To Get?

If you did a search on Google for adult cloth diapers it might be hard to tell the difference between each brand. There are not that many brand options out there, and some are geared towards youthful prints. But if you are going to try one... just one cloth protective underwear - may I suggest Threaded Armor’s Protective Briefs.

This system is gender-neutral, and adjusts based on the coverage you need and your activity level. You can use the same underwear for both daytime and nighttime and that gives you more bang for your buck!

Our protective briefs specialized insert system allows you to take your absorbency from as little as two layers up to nine layers of microfiber. The majority of the people we work with comment that nighttime is the most difficult incontinence issue to tackle. We started our development focusing in this particular place. The challenge comes when you try to match the overnight output of an adult male with the absorbency capacity of cloth fabric. We immediately went to our 500 gram microfiber cloth, the most absorbent microfiber terry you can find. On average it is 150 grams per ounce heavier than other microfiber terrys, boosting our inserts ability to absorb over other cloth inserts by 70%. We have based our absorbency capacity on the average nighttime output of 600 ml. That's almost a full bottle of wine! If you find that this isn’t enough you can easily add a Step-up Inserts into the underwear to boost the briefs power where you need it most.

Threaded Armor Offers Three Styles To Choose from.
1. The Protective Brief: A Pull-on Style Adult cloth diaper, with the heaviest protection available
2. The Protective Brief with Snaps: Same as above, but opens and closes with snaps
3. The Basic Briefs: A lighter style of Adult Cloth Diapers.

You can view the complete list of features for each here... 

How do I wash them?

Here are the basic washing instructions.

1. After removing the soiled brief, if there is any solid waste in the brief make sure it is deposited into the toilet.

2. Turn the brief inside out removing any inserts to make sure they are thoroughly washed as well.

3. If the brief, or the load, is heavily soiled , perform a pre-rinse in warm water.

4. Only use bleach on a weekly or longer basis, at a rate of 1/4 cup per load. Too much bleach will start to break down the fibers and shorten the life of the brief.
Avoid using any fabric softeners, liquid or sheets, on the absorbent inserts. Fabric softeners coat the absorbent layers of the brief and will reduce absorbency.

5. Dry on medium/regular heat. 

Is Cloth Expensive?

When you see the initial cost of an adult cloth diaper many people think, “I could buy half a case of disposables for that price.”

Experiencing “sticker shock” is common when first looking into reusable alternatives. Unlike disposable briefs, cloth is reusable. Replacing just one disposable brief per day with a cloth one will reduce your disposable usage by 30 pairs each month, saving $ 37.50 the first month and ultimately $450 per year on your disposable diaper bill. Building a reusable stash by getting one cloth brief each month can allow you to slowing transition, without sticker shock, and eventually save thousands of dollars!

How many adult cloth diapers do I need?

If you are thinking about switching to cloth products you don’t have to go out and buy half a dozen pairs of briefs and dive right in. Most people start with one pair to see if it’s going to be the best solution for them.

Depending on how often you need to change the brief you might need as few as two per day or as many as four per day, and 1 at night. To reduce the wear and tear on the brief we recommend have a few days worth of briefs available instead of using the same set day after day.

We know that building up your cloth brief collection can seem like a daunting task so you might consider signing up for our Stash Box so you can slowly build up your supply of cloth.

How Does Sizing Work?

We cannot speak for all cloth incontinence products out there, but we certainly can attest to the fit and function of Threaded Armor © undies. We have designed all of our products to remaining trim, without compromising waterproof or absorbent functionality.

One of our best features for remaining incognito is our waistband. In reality, an active lifestyle can occasionally expose one's waistband of their undergarments. There is so much fear behind the plastic of a disposable diaper peeking out from one’s jeans. It would be completely devastating. The waistband of our underwear is identical to the elastic waistband of a pair of boxers. If this happens with our product, it will just look like any other pair of underwear. 

To find your size, just plot your height and waist on the chart found here... 

Can I use both disposables and cloth?

Absolutely! If you are looking to try cloth, there are many people who will use cloth at home then switch to disposables when they head out.

There are even some folks who use cloth briefs as a type of cover for their disposable brief. This adds an extra layer of protection. Trying cloth does not have to be an “all-in” situation, but having cloth at home to help with heavier nighttime incontinence can be such a benefit to most people!

If you are considering cloth

We hope we have provided you with enough information to make an informed decision on if cloth can help relieve the financial burden incontinence can have on your lifestyle. If you have any other questions, just email us! We are friendly and professional :)

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